Leadership Team

Fall 2015 Leadership Team:

  • Gardeners in Chard: Caroline Herre, Love Jonson
  • Team Members: Kate Ford, Jared Gingrich, Andy Hogue, Katie Lang, Molly Sall, Paige Yanity

Spring 2015 Leadership Team:

  • Gardeners in Chard: Caroline Herre, Love Jonson
  • Team Members: Anna Bickers, Cassandra Cosans, Jasmine Chiu, Emilia Gore, Rebecca Hinch, Andy Hogue, Katie Lang

Fall 2014 Leadership Team:

  • Gardeners in Chard: Cassandra Cossans, Emilia Gore
  • Team Members: Anna Bickers, Jasmine Chiu, Caroline Herre, Rebecca Hinch, Love Jonson

2013-2014 Leadership Team:

  • Garden Assistants: Holly Mayton, Libby Lyon
  • Team Members: Richad Becker, Cassandra Cosans, Emilia Gore, Caroline Herre, Rebecca Hinch, Love Jonson, Holly Mayton, Ida Yu, Ava Lonegarn, William Rogers, Anna Bickers
2012-2013 Leadership Team:
  • Garden Manager: Payton May
  • Garden Assistants: Claire Hitchins, Sarah Steely
  • Team Members: Rachel Bender, Richad Becker, Alex Breeden, Greg King, Libby Lyon, Holly Mayton, Rowan Sprague, Ida Yu

2011-2012 Leadership Team:

  • Garden Manager: Gina DiCicco
  • Garden Assistants: Hannah Barefoot, Claire Hitchins
  • Team Members: Maggie Graham, Greg King, Libby Lyon, Lucas Lyons, Holly Mayton, Rowan Sprague, Sarah Steely, Ida Yu

2010-2011 Leadership Team:

  • Garden Manager: Sara Teaster
  • Garden Assistants: Michelle Rehme, Hannah Barefoot
  • Outreach: Maggie Graham
  • Team Members: Claire Hitchins, Rowan Sprague, Chelsea Dewitt, Ben Chrisinger

2009-2010 Leadership Team:

  • Garden Manager: Dana Smith
  • Treasurer/Fundraiser: Meredith Wynne
  • UVa Outreach: Hannah Barefoot
  • Community Outreach: Maggie Graham
  • Garden Assistants:  Wynnie Long, Michelle Rehme (Spring), Graham Evans
Student Leaders at Groundbreaking
Student Leaders at Groundbreaking

One thought on “Leadership Team

  1. Saw you guys on “Meet The Farmer”. I am 68 and a 39 year sustainable agriculture researcher, grower and experimenter. Within the last 5 years some earthshaking organic research has been conducted and is ongoing today. This research is rewriting the textbooks and is allowing us to grow superior quality food with much less work and 30% less water use. The research involves analyzing the humus molecule down to the sub-atomic level and is being done at the National Laboratories at Los Alamos and Sandia, both in New Mexico. This research has never been done before. You are cordially invited to check out my website and links and see what you think. Best wishes to all of you and let’s move to the next level of sustainable growing.

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