Big Spring Thing 2015

Thank you to everyone who came out and braved the rain for our annual Big Spring Thing event, in which we celebrate the coming of the new season with food, friends, and container gardening! It was a fantastic way to kick off Earth Week 2015. This year we planted some Oregon Giant peas for everyone to take home and ate a delicious spread of goodies produced by our farmer neighbors. Luckily, we’ve since had plenty of springtime workdays with plenty of sunshine and great weather, and they’ll continue through the end of finals season on Wednesdays from 11 to 1 and Sundays from 3 to 5! After the semester wraps up, be on the lookout for info about summer workdays and volunteer opportunities from our interns!

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IMG_4616Earth Day takes place within National Poetry Month.

A fitting coincidence.

The earth and garden speak in verse.

“Because the soil is alive, various, intricate, and because its processes yield more readily to imitation than to analysis, more readily to care than to coercision, agriculture can never be an exact science. There is an inescapable kinship between farming and art, for farming depends as much on character, devotion, imagination, and the sense of structure, as on knowledge. It is a practical art.” -Wendell Berry

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Today, we transplanted eggplants and dino kale that we started at Red Hill Farm two months ago. We dug up an old rosemary bush and planted flowers, squash, and potatoes in tires from Bellair Farm! On this day, we’re particularly thankful for our generous agrarian neighbors and the abundant earth.

A recap of springtime happenings!

The U.Va. Community Garden had our hands full of wonderful events both in and out of the garden on this last weekend of March!

On Sunday, Greens to Grounds and the Community Garden threw a giant Produce Party in the Amphitheater, open to all students to come buy produce, breads, and other goodies from the Local Food Hub. Omelets, pancakes, music, and sunshine were also present!

The U.Va. Community Garden and Morven Kitchen Garden shared a table at the Produce Party!

The U.Va. Community Garden and Morven Kitchen Garden shared a table at the Produce Party.

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Planting sunflower seeds with the Community Garden!

Planting sunflower seeds with the Community Garden.

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Produce Party zero waste-ified!

Also on Sunday, we had our regular weekly workday, and we focused on taming the beast that is Gilmer! The U.Va. Community Garden has an enormous plot behind Gilmer Hall that had been taken over with beautiful blue weeds that made it look like a giant meadow.

On Monday, we had the Garden As Metaphor class out for a workday during class time. This short course housed in the Institute for Humanities and Global Cultures focuses on seeing the garden as a metaphor for healing, community, and personal meaning, and our 50 or so classmates helped us out with a number of tasks in the garden. After a generous meal of Crozet Pizza from Professor Barbara Bernstein, our classmates helped us plant lettuce in the cold frame, tidy up the space between the beds with weed mat and mulch, add compost to our beds to get them ready for planting, plant Brussels sprouts starts in Gilmer, and continue attacking the beautiful blue weeds!

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As spring kicks into gear, we hope to see you at our weekly workdays! We’ll be out for around two hours starting Wednesdays at 11 and Sundays at 3 – swing by and grow with us!

2015 Charlottesville Sustainable Agriculture Internship + A Thank You!

Love to learn? Love being active? Want to learn more about sustainable living? Looking for a dynamic internship that doesn’t require sitting in a cubicle from 9-5? The Charlottesville Sustainable Agriculture Internship offers a unique opportunity for two interns to learn about sustainable farming and community gardening through active engagement at the U.Va. Community Garden and Bellair Farm in Charlottesville, Virginia. For more information, see below. Apply by Wednesday, March 25, 2015!


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We’d love to thank the anonymous donors who left some presents and some labor in the garden this week! After digging out of the snow, we found two beds full of compost and fresh soil, two bags of compost, a bag of potting soil, a bag of organic fertilizer, some lovely leather gloves, and a compost tea bucket awaiting us! THANK YOU!!! We’ll put these to great use as we gear up for the spring. See you at our first workday on Wednesday, March 18th from 11 to 1!

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See you in the garden!

It’s Beginning to Look A Lot Like… SPRING!

Greetings everyone!

The Garden is prepping for another beautiful and bountiful spring season. Last week, the Garden Leadership Team traveled to Red Hill Farm just 20 minutes away from UVA to plant our starters in their greenhouse. We started broccoli rabe, bell peppers, dinosaur kale, and eggplant, so gardeners, GET READY for some AWESOME gardening work days :) Below is a picture of Richard Harrison; he and his wife Wendy are the owners of the Farm at Red Hill. He was kind enough to give us a tour of the greenhouse. They grow produce all year round; ginger makes up a large portion of their output. In addition, the Harrisons offer a line of fresh salsas, hummus, pesto, dips and habenero jams. They sell them in multiple locations in Charlottesville (I see them at the Barracks Kroger all the time). If you ever have a chance, try them out! Black bean salsa is one of the team’s favorites.


Here we are planting the baby seeds!



We are excited to pick up gardening this spring. Look out for emails about work days and our annual BIG SPRING THING!

Peace, love, and sunshine,

The Garden Leadership Team