Back at it again!

It’s unseasonably warm for February, which is bad news for the global climate but good news for the garden!

It’s the garden!

Our first workday will be this Sunday from 3-5 PM, so Katie and I stopped by the garden to assess what the winter months had done to our little patch of UVA.

What we found?  A lot of leaves.  Like, so many dead leaves.  Piles and piles of dead leaves.  But under all that–life!

It was a particularly mild winter, so it’s no surprise some things made it through.  But I was pretty impressed by just how much is still there!  We’ve got some beautiful curly and Red Russian kale still growing, some lettuces, radishes, and one especially beautiful collard greens plant.  Not as exciting, but our cover crop also did exceedingly well.

We’ve got some exciting things coming up, too.  We’re planning to plant beets, flowers, spinach, and a salad mix.  We’re also going to try two different types of cabbage, which will hopefully end up in sauerkraut form via a fermentation workshop later in the semester.  We had an awesome planning meeting a few weeks ago and came up with a few things we want to see in the fall.

The season’s very first bounty!

I can’t begin to say how wonderful it is to return to the Garden after all this time away.  Here’s to a wonderful semester, teeming with all things green!


Molly + The Community Garden Team


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