Greens & Growth

Once again, these recent rain storms have really made the garden explode with life! Our Boston Pickling cucumbers, on Friday the height of my pointer finger, are now a good foot tall. It’s really amazing to see these plants go from seed to leafy adult.


The snap beans we interplanted with the snap peas have also sprouted up, and our newly transplanted tomato plants are starting to look robust again after escaping their tiny planter containers.

Grace and I made a trip to Fifth Season Gardening yesterday before the work day and also picked up bell pepper and hot pepper transplants as well as romaine, sugar baby watermelon, muskmelon, and pumpkin and squash seeds. The harvest will be bountiful over the coming months.

The rain brought with it a plethora of new weeds, so Tori and Taylor (our wonderful volunteers) and I tackled the jungle in the carrot and chard beds.


It’s really a beautiful time of year to be in the garden with everything teeming with life. The recent rains have had an adverse effect at Bellair Farm, where a few choice fields were flooded from a nearby creek and the zinnias and strawberry plants were pulled up. I know we felt lucky that the rain has had a positive effect on our little piece of land.

We were also joined by a fluffy volunteer yesterday, although she wasn’t much use sunbathing on the picnic table.


Until next time, summer gardeners!



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