Shots of a sunny spring workday & wisdom from Wendell

“A community is the mental and spiritual condition of knowing that the place is shared, and that the people who share the space define and limit the possibilities of each others’ lives.” –Wendell Berry

After reading this gobbet of wisdom from the great agrarian Wendell Berry on the website of one our neighboring Virginia growers, Origins Farm (check out their beautiful photography here), it felt wonderful to soak in the rays of the sun and let these words guide our gardening practice as a sort of meditation on our last spring workday. Workdays at the U.Va. Community Garden are typically a joyful blend of learning, interfacing with the soil, wondering at bugs, joking around, and meeting new people, but if we step back we can see that these activities of cultivating place help us cultivate friendship as well.

Planting cilantro, collards, and vates kale starts
Finishing off the last of the speckled Bibb lettuce seeds. The other half of this bed will be planted with Virginia peanuts, a first for this crop of of U.Va. Community Gardeners, later in the season!
The compost bench is looking awesome with a mix of leaves, winter cabbage plants that served their duty and will now be repurposed into new earth, and food scraps!
Tackling some wicked weeds on the east side of the garden
Our newly constructed cold frame housing our eggplant and tomato starts, previously living in the Morven Estate greenhouse, and a tray of lacinato kale that we started here
Working on some epic cereal rye cover – we’d turned it in several weeks ago but it came back strong!

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Asparagus season is truly the most heavenly time of the year in the garden! Its growth cycle is a miracle to witness – from monstrous wintery monstrous bush to delicate trees in miniature sprouting directly from the ground – and the taste of its shoots cannot be paralleled by anything you can buy!
Enjoying a springtime harvest of asparagus, chives, mint, and super sweet survivor spinach plus a few stray beets and turnips


In addition to Sunday workdays (3 to 5 every week), Tuesday workdays have started! Join us from 11 to noon for some midweek planting fun. See you in the garden!

Love + The U.Va. Community Garden Leadership Team


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