Photo journal of a productive Sunday workday

Though we missed last week’s Sunday workday due to snow in the forecast (that never did arrive), we made up for it by being twice as productive this week! We worked on projects big and small, planted some wonderful crops, and even got to play with a dog.

Nathan, Jared, and Molly finished constructing the cold frame! It will allow us to lengthen our season and start our seeds right here in the garden while increasing the visibility of our plot from the street. We planted a very late tray of dinosaur/lacinato/Tuscan/cavolo nero kale to test it out! Thanks to the Green Initiatives Funding Tomorrow grant program for making this project possible.
Background: Jared and Nathan hard at work constructing the cold frame. Foreground: The heavenly first stalks of asparagus of the season – so incredibly sweet munched straight from the ground!
Caroline the Seed Whisperer plants speckled Bibb lettuce in our new wheelchair-accessible bed.
Sugar Ann snap peas ready for planting! There’s something whimsical about plopping a giant pea, bean, or corn seed into the ground – they’re magnitudes larger than most of the seeds we plant.


Kevin and Grace prep beds for sorrel (Molly’s favorite herb) and snap peas.
In addition to kale, snap peas, lettuce, and sorrel, we also planted Cosmic Purple carrots and Purple Top Globe turnips!
Even Riley joined in on the fun.


Come join us at our next workday on Sunday, and mark your calendars for the annual Big Spring Thing – a seasonal festival with local food, live music!, and a container gardening workshop where you can leave with your very own potted plant – on Sunday, April 17th from 3 to 5 p.m.!

Love + The U.Va. Community Garden Leadership Team


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