Celebrating wintertime activities on a lovely spring day

Spring has arrived in Charlottesville just as students have embarked on spring break. I write this from atop the hill at the park near my house in wonderfully crisp 75-degree evening air, with the sound of a basketball game and kiddies racing behind me. Take a look at what we’ve been up to over the colder months to prepare the garden for the rebirth of spring!

Compost bench

The wonderful Elise Watt (a future 2016 Charlottesville Sustainable Agriculture intern!) received a Green Initiatives Funding Tomorrow (GIFT) grant to construct a number of beautiful compost benches for the U.Va. Community Garden and school gardens in two Charlottesville elementary schools! These benches will serve double duty as an aesthetically pleasing sitting area with a fully functional composting compartment under the seat. The bench will enhance the visibility of the garden and help create a more inviting public space, and we’re so grateful for Elise’s hard work! Check out this article from U.Va. Sustainability to learn more about her project.




The freshly installed compost bench in the glory of what’s (hopefully) our last dusting of snow!


Seed purchasing

After a meeting of the minds among in the Leadership Team in which brainstormed what we wanted to plant (and eat) this season, we mapped out our spring crops and bought our seeds from our favorite gardening store, Fifth Season Gardening! We also stocked up on peat moss to amend our soil as well as trays to start our seeds in the greenhouse at Morven Estate – thanks to Emily and our friends at Morven Kitchen Garden for sharing your space with us.

A peek into the future…


First workday + cold frame construction

This past Sunday, we enjoyed another punch of spring weather and hosted our first workday of the spring semester! Molly led the Leadership Team in receiving a GIFT grant to purchase two cold frame beds, which will allow us to start our seeds in the garden in the future and extend our growing season on-site. She and (other future 2016 Charlottesville Sustainable Agriculture intern!) Grace led day one of construction of our cold beds, while other volunteers turned in clover and cereal rye, prepped the beds for spring planting, raked leaves and generally gave the garden its seasonal facelift, and filled the wheelchair-accessible bed Freedom by Design built for us with soil.

Rays of sun shining down on our amazing construction crew


Andy getting feisty with the stakes
Filling the wheelchair-accessible bed with soil – a wet, cold task despite the sunny February weather

It was wonderful to see faces new and old, and we’ll be hosting more Sunday workdays after classes recommence, each week from 3 to 5. Beginning in April, we’ll also host Tuesday workdays from 11 a.m. to 12 for a quick break from class (or a refreshing start to your day!). To stay up-to-date on our workday schedule, send an email to uvacommunitygarden@gmail.com.

See you in the garden!

Love + The U.Va. Community Garden Leadership Team


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