Cultivating crops and cross-garden friendships (+ more chickens)

Last week, the U.Va. Community Garden got to meet some new friends and see some new scenery. We’re a member of Cultivate Cville, a group of urban farmers and gardeners across Charlottesville that meets once a month to tour each other’s sites and start a conversation. On Sunday, we got to host a tour of the U.Va. Community Garden and visit Piedmont Virginia Community College for a tour of their beautiful community garden.


We loved seeing how another grower makes good use of a small space. The PVCC Community Garden rescued recycled window frames and cinderblocks to build their beds, and we admired their buffers of native plant species – including the seemingly exotic passion fruit, which we promptly split open and nibbled! Many of us also had fun playing with Wild Hen, the Rhode Island Red, and we all enjoyed a wonderful array of afternoon snacks. Thanks for your hospitality and enthusiasm, David and the PVCC Community Garden!

photo 4 (2) photo 3 (3) photo 2 (4) photo 1 (4)















Love + The U.Va. Community Garden Leadership Team


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