Let there be Summer

Dear readers,

Our names are Maggie Rogers and Connor Campbell and we have the broad joy of doing the UVA Sustainable Agriculture Internship this summer. There are three parts to the internship:

  1. Managing the UVA Garden! Having such a special patch of earth in our stewardship can be daunting at times. So far, we have have had around 10 unique volunteers hang out and enjoy the theory and practice of gardening with us. Okra, squash, cabbage and carrots look to be lovely, we lost our chard to a pest and our brussel sprouts to a groundhog, and we’ve been indulging in the pleasure of ripe, warm, fresh strawberries. On Thursday, we transplanted some cantaloupe, watermelon, and bok choy – wonder how they will fare? Quick plug: Please come out on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays at 3pm for community workdays. Contact either of us for more information or to get on an email list! (mar5bz@virginia.edu, cdc6ab@virginia.edu)
  2. An apprenticeship with Jamie Barrett, Michelle McKenzie and crew at Bellair Farm CSA (Community Supported Agriculture). It has been about two weeks since we started, and it has been educational and amazing. We have so much respect for the operation and are humbled by how much we have to learn. It’s a honor to work with such a model for progressive food.
  3. Scholarship. We have a list of books about agriculture and food (Michael Pollan, Wendell Berry, etc.) to read and reflect on right here in blog post form. Please stick around for our books reviews and other internship updates! Also, please like us on Facebook, and follow us on Instagram.

Without further ado, let there be Summer at the UVA Garden!


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