With all of the rain the garden is growing like crazy. The sunflowers and beans we planted came up almost overnight and the corn grows a foot every time you turn your back on it. We were even able to harvest our first zucchini. 


With squash and melons you need to pull the female flowers off of the fruit once they die to prevent rot, so I had been keeping an eye on this guy since I pinched the flower off a week before our workday. I am super excited for zucchini bread, zucchini soup, and all other things zucchini.

At the workday we also planted beets and tried a new pest control technique for the flea beetles that are forever eating our eggplant leaves. We applied diatomaceous earth, which is an organic pesticide comprised of fossilized hard-shelled algae. It looks like I sprinkled the garden with powered sugar, but on the scale of bugs this rock is sharp enough to be a deterrent. We finally have baby eggplants growing in the garden so it looks like it is working. 


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