Summer Gardening

Hello friends. Last Sunday we had our first summer workday and it was lovely to see several new faces in the garden. Once everyone had assembled and been introduced to some of the stranger looking plants, asparagus I’m looking at you, we got to work watering and pulling up bolted and tough spring greens. It was time for the chard, bib lettuce, and arugula to go. Next week will most likely be the end of the line for broccoli, luckily there is little that is more relaxing than pulling up old plants to make room for new seeds.


 We dug up the ripe garlic, finding several of the more stealthy heads only while later turning the bed to plant tomatoes, peppers, and sunflowers. Garlic can be so well hidden that I won’t be surprised if some still managed to escape to sprout next year. After I cure our harvest for a few weeks it will go out to volunteers and the Charlottesville homeless shelter known as The Haven.

 I am excited this week to see everyone back in the garden and to find out if the sunflowers we planted have sprouted yet. 


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