An Abbreviated Workday

Today was a rather short workday, since we got to the garden and realized that our cistern wasn’t functioning properly in order to pump water from it. The water level seemed too low to create enough pressure for any water to come out of the hose, and we thought that hope was lost until Payton arrived and fixed our problem by finding another water source. Today, we did a bit of quick harvesting, some weeding where necessary, and a bit of watering. Also, throughout the workday, we kept finding that people had planted their herb seeds in some of our beds! We found two labelled as fennel in the lettuce, and one spearmint had been haphazardly dumped into the asparagus bed. Maybe we’ll see some baby herbs coming up in other places in the coming weeks, as well.

Here is a monstrous asparagus stalk that we had to cut out of the asparagus bed today. It’s not even edible!


On a bright note, our pea plants are growing, and soon they will be big enough to start climbing up the wire we put up for them.


The Bibb Lettuce and radishes we planted this spring are doing well also! The Bibb Lettuce is starting out pretty slow, but the radishes are really starting to come up! We had to add a little more compost to that half of the bed today, because the radish roots were starting to poke out of the soil.


Finally, as the work day was coming to a close, we had another canine visitor! As soon as this little nugget saw us in the garden, he ran straight over to our harvested veggies to play with the bags we had laying there. I think its clear that dogs are just really into gardening.


As far as harvest goes, we each got to take home some chard, kale, beets, carrots, and a few herbs today. Everything is looking healthy in the garden, and it is so great to see our recently planted beds doing well so far.


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