Experimental Gardening (?)

Hello there friends! Today in the garden, we did a lot of the usual watering and weeding, but we also did some other exciting things! We got some rain in the past week, so watering seemed to go by much more quickly and we were able to focus on other projects like putting down more cardboard/mulch walkways to keep the weeds away from our garden beds. 

Here are some wonderful gardeners diligently pulling up some nasty weeds!



We have somewhat of an experimental gardener in our midst these days, as well. Will, a new garden member, has a lot of potato knowledge that he has brought to our garden! A couple of weeks ago he planted potatoes “irish style” to see how this would turn out. The method is really interesting, because this bed is not really a bed, in that its just a bunch of turned up soil with potatoes planted in it. It looks like this!Image

Also, the same Will found some pumpkin seeds in our compost pile about a week ago, so we made a new bed and planted these seeds, and now little pumpkin sprouts are growing there.



I guess it’s a whole new world in the Community Garden! As I mentioned before, we laid down new mulch in certain areas of the garden as a pre-emptive strike against weeds. Here are Greg and Becca, hard at work.Image

Finally, the harvest! We were able to dig up some beets today, as well as some more carrots, the ever-present kale and rainbow chard, and a mere 3 lonely sprigs of asparagus! What a colorful collection it was, though.




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