Spring Is In Full Swing!

Today was an absolutely gorgeous day in the garden! There has been a bit of a heat wave recently, so our precious little plants were quite thirsty! However, our hose has mysteriously gone missing, so we did a lot of carting water from the cistern to the garden. We all got a little extra exercise today to say the least!

ImageMost of what we did today was watering, since we did a lot of planting last week! The first thing we did was pull out the fully-grown cabbage from their bed and harvest from them the little bitty heads of cabbage that survived this week’s heat-wave. Afterward, Claire chopped up the extra cabbage leaves for composting.Image

Throughout the rest of the workday we were harvesting a whole mess of produce, as well as doing a bit of weeding, and of course watering!

One of our leaders, Becca, busy harvesting some baby dinosaur kale.

ImageApart from the kale, we also harvested a bunch of carrots, and some of the first sprigs of asparagus of the spring! Today’s harvest was rather bountiful, and also rather delicious! 

ImageAll in all, it was a very productive day in the garden. Thanks to the hard work of the whole crew, the garden is now well-watered and weeded. We still need to find our hose though…






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