Needle in a Haystack

Monday evening came upon us with dark clouds overhead, threatening to burst at any moment. The air was cool and damp, which deterred some of our usual attendees and thus we only had about four or five people come out to the garden. But we did have a few new faces, which was quite exciting! One first year already knows he wants to start up his own farm.

Since we weren’t able to get our hands on some row cover just yet, we mostly set out weeding all of the newly planted beds of veggies. This was rather time-consuming since the previous week we had planted carrots, kale, arugula, and more! We decided that watering was unnecessary, due to the impending storm. And that turned out to be a good prediction, because about halfway into the workday, a slight drizzle began. Having purchased a hay bail that morning, we scattered the hay around a few of the beds with veggies that had already partially or fully come up, including the radishes, kale, and chard. A thick layer of hay will protect them from the colder nights of fall still to come.

We ended the workday a bit earlier than usual, around 7, as night quickly came upon us with the shortening of the days. And there was still a large bounty to be harvested, lots of beans, some tomatoes, and peppers.


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