The Turnip Triangle and Radish Rows

Last Thursday was a beautiful time to be in the garden for our morning workday.  The crisp air reminded us that fall was on its way, and we needed to keep transitioning our garden into fall mode.  Before we started tackling our day’s tasks though, Libby spotted an elegant stinkhorn poking out of the newly seeded carrot bed.  Don’t let the name of this weed fool you because there is nothing elegant about it!  Last year a few sprouted in our tomato bed and they attracted so many flies.  We have learned our lesson now.  Armed with a shovel, Libby dug it right up and threw it far away from our garden. Glad we took care of that!  If you ever see this weed in your garden, dig it up quick.

Digging up the Elegant Stinkhorn

We then planted turnip and radish seeds.  When we were deciding where to plant them, we decided, why not follow an alliteration?  The Turnip Triangle and Radish Rows were then created.

Erin and Libby pulling up the cantaloupes

After pulling up and hand-tilling the cantaloupe bed and watering the new seeds and sprouts, we headed over to Gilmer.  I got to pick my first peppers of the season from this garden!  Our bell peppers look awesome and we also have tons of hot peppers!  If you like hot peppers, our garden has as many as you’d like.

Bummed that you missed this workday?  Don’t worry!  We have another one coming up tomorrow evening from 5:30-7:30pm and one Thursday morning from 10am-noon as well.


Also, this Thursday is our Third Annual Corn Fest!  Invite your friends, bring a dish and games to share, and join us from 5-7pm in the garden. P.S. We will have a grill!!


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