Summer in Summary

My, how we’ve grown!

It’s been an exciting, fun, hot and productive summer in the Student Garden!

As you gear up for Fall Semester, enjoy this photo summary of the past three months…


the garden was full of green goodness back in May – we harvested healthy crops of broccoli and sugar snap peas


beautiful purple cabbage and ichiban eggplants – some of the early victims of a chronic vegetable robbery problem we faced throughout June and July. after our entire beds of onions, garlic, cabbage and eggplants were wiped clean, uva police got involved and helped keep surveillance. we put up some signs to remind garden visitors that they are welcome to enjoy the garden but if they’d like to partake in the harvest, they must also partake in the labor too – no missing veggies in almost a month now!


after the robberies stopped we transplanted some new cabbage and were able to harvest a full basket of veggies and herbs to give to the Haven – hot and sweet peppers, cucumbers, carrots, beets, rosemary, mint, basil, summer savory


our cucumbers and blackberries both benefitted from trellis-type structures fashioned from bamboo in early august


speaking of bamboo… our Gilmer space is now punctuated by two big bamboo trellises covered in melons and gourds! after months of tilling, planning, building, planting, and watering, the Gilmer space was transformed. once a field of  rye, this plot is now a garden paradise bursting with colorful flowers, humming with bees, and brimming with tomatoes, peppers, squash, chard, peanuts(!), corn, beans, trellised melons and gourds, and more!


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