Meet Our New Worms!

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Special Thanks to Professor Tim Beatley for the wonderful donation of a worm bin to the UVA Community Garden. The worm bin is a multi-layer style worm mansion! Carla Jones, MUEP student helped find worms for our garden as well as the Green Grounds composting project. Thanks to both of you for helping us start this project.

Adding Vermiculture to our garden space is wonderful step towards making our garden a truly sustainable entity. A few weeks ago we were able to purchase the supplies to start making our own compost tea, which is a brewed mixture of worm castings and molasses. In a few short months we will be able to use our own worm castings from the worm bin for compost tea and as a fantastic soil amendment. The red wigglers have been moved inside for the winter, so please take a look at the set up and come and visit them in the spring when they return to the garden.


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