Brewing Compost Tea

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Compost Tea is a nutrient rich brew that is applied to plant leaves and roots. The compost tea provides a protection against bugs and is an excellent source of nutrients for plant growth.

Once our worm bin is up and running we will be able to make compost tea from our own castings, but for now we purchased some castings from 5th Season Gardening. We are using a technique that we learned at the Monticello Heritage Harvest Festival.

To make the compost tea we used:
*5 gallon bucket that never contained chemicals
*Worm castings
*Air pump
*Air stones
*Plastic tubing

First, drill holes in the lid of the bucket, one in the center to pull tea bag through, and two on the edge to pull plastic tubing through. Next make the tea bag, by stuffing about two cups of castings into a cut off leg of a pair of pantyhose. Pull pantyhose tea bag through the hole in lid and secure with twine and a stick. Next attach tubing to air stones and air pump and place stones on opposite sides of bucket. Add water to about 3/4 of the way up. Start pump and add about two tablespoons of molasses (organic or sulfur free if available). The molasses provides a food for the beneficial microbes that will create the tea. Close lid, submerging tea bag in water. Leave to brew for at least 24 hours. After brewing apply to plants as soon as possible, covering leaves and roots, about 1-2 cups of liquid for medium sized plants.


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