Busy, busy….

Whew, it’s been a busy week for the garden!  Our workday Thursday was cancelled due to thunderstorms, but we’ve still been busy!  Michelle is back in Charlottesville and already jumping right in to her role helping as a garden manager for the summer.  Thank goodness for the extra set of hands and wonderful ideas!  A few updates from the week…..

On Saturday, June 5th, the UVa Community Garden participated in “Dots Day” at the Charlottesville Farmers Market.  The event, organized by Market Central, provided an opportunity for food related non-profit organizations and businesses to have informational tables at the market for one day.  We had a great time meeting and hanging out with all of the other organizations and sharing information about the garden with the Charlottesville community!  We also were able to sell (for donation) a few of our extra tomato and pepper transplants that needed to find good homes.

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We’ve also been doing some work in the garden transitioning from cooler weather crops to our summer goodies.  All of the sugar snap peas have been removed and squash and beans planted.  Loose leaf lettuce will come out later today and be replaced with okra.  Popcorn will be planted soon as well!  Cabbage is forming heads and will be ready for harvest soon – not sure the broccoli is going to make it with these warm temperatures.  We’ve also harvested our first cherry tomatoes and cucumbers from the garden – how cool!  We also bought a handheld scale for the garden to weigh all of the produce.  This will help us keep track of just how productive the space is and how much we are able to donate.


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