The UVa Community Garden is pleased to announce an expansion!  With support and approval from several University administrators, faculty, and staff, we have recently received permission to expand our production to an existing raised bed located behind Gilmer Hall near the Biology Department greenhouses.  We are so thankful for this opportunity!

The space is huge – at least doubling the amount of growing space we have (I still need to get out there with a tape measure to determine just how much space it actually is).  It was previously used by doctoral students researching pollinators but has been fallow for the past few years. The space

may be used again in the future for research, but in the meantime we will grow vegetables!  There are beautiful cosmos that have reseeded throughout much of the space, but otherwise it’s mostly just weeds and open space.  We plan to plant corn, winter squash, sweet potatoes, and pumpkins – all crops that need full sun and a lot of space to grow.

We’ll need lots of help getting this new space planted!  We’ll start work on the space at our weekly workday this  Thursday, June 3rd at 4pm.  We’ll meet at the garden and do a few things there before walking down to the Gilmer Garden.  We’re also going to have a potluck after the workday – hope many of you can join us!

Here are some photos of the space and the workday held last Thursday……..


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