It smells a little fishy…..

…….at the garden right now thanks to the fish and seaweed fertilizer applied today.  The basil plants have been looking pretty yellow lately likely due to some nutrient deficiencies.  To help give them a boost, I applied a diluted natural fertilizer of fish and seaweed today.  The organic fertilizer is called Neptune’s Harvest and is available at many of our local garden shops.  I gave a “foliar feeding” (sprayed the leaves) to the basil, tomatoes, cucumbers, eggplant, strawberries, garlic, beans, and asparagus.  The plants will mostly absorb the nutrients through their leaves and some through the roots from what went in the ground.

Using a spray fertilizer will help improve the health of all of these plants and thus make them hardier and less susceptible to bug damage (we’re already seeing aphids again!) and disease.   Ideally our plants would gain all of their necessary nutrients from the soil and we wouldn’t need to spray fertilizer.  However, our soil is still a work in progress and will take a few years to really build and balance all of the nutrients.  We will continue adding compost and using cover crops to build the nutrients and organic matter in the soil, but for now, the garden will just smell like fish!

The fertilizer is completely edible and safe (I ended up pretty much covered in the stuff and smelling pretty terrible), but washing the produce before consumption is always recommended.  The forecasted rain tomorrow evening will also rinse everything and help push some more of it down to the roots.  It’s also helpful to fertilize on an overcast day such as today to reduce evaporation and prevent the sun from burning the wet leaves.

In other garden news…..the strawberries are ripening and taste delicious!  Each plant has several berries that will continue to ripen over the next few weeks.  Feel free to stop by and snag a few for a sweet treat!  Just be sure to check for slugs – I noticed a few today happily munching away on the berries…

And a few other beautiful sights in the garden today – chives flowering and ladybugs procreating!  I felt a little awkward photographing the lady bugs and invading their privacy, but I just had to share with all of you!  Ladybugs are wonderful beneficial insects that primarily feed on aphids and are always welcome guests in our garden.


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