Upcoming Events and Super Short Update

Activities for the workday this Friday, April 30th, from 2-4pm, will include weeding, watering, and screen printing tote bags! We had some trouble with the screen at the eco-fair, but think we have it worked out and will try again on Friday.  All materials will be provided, but we are requesting a $5 donation to the garden for each bag you print.  The bags are made of recycled materials and the new garden logo (designed by Hannah Barefoot) looks super cool.

Also, mark your calendars for a potluck celebration, Saturday, May 8th at 5pm at the garden.  Let’s celebrate the growing season with good food, friends, and fellowship!  There should even be sugar snap peas ready to harvest by then!

**Super Short Planting Update**

Tomatoes are transplanted in the garden and looking good so far.  We’ve had frost warnings the past two nights so I’ve had to cover them – hopefully it’s smooth sailing with warm temperatures after this week!  We’re also donating some transplants to Buford Middle School Garden, Hope Community Garden, and the Haven Community Garden.  Cucumbers and eggplants were also transplanted Friday and soybeans and peas planted.  Peppers and squash are next on the list for planting.

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