Transplanting Tomatoes Tomorrow!

Workday tomorrow, Friday, April 22 from 2-4pm.

We’ll be transplanting tomatoes, basil, and eggplant.  The tomatoes are HUGE and ready to go in the ground!  Check out the pictures below of the plants being transported and “hardening off” in the shade.  It’s important to give plants a few days between the greenhouse and the ground to let them acclimate to the cooler and varying temperatures, harsher sunlight, and wind.  It’s best to let plants rest in a shady spot blocked from the wind to provide some protection.  We would also ideally stake the plants so they stand up straight while waiting to be transplanted (not ideal to have them laying on each other), but ours will just need to toughen up quickly!

Also, some pictures of the salad I had for dinner last night – lettuce and carrots from the garden, cucumber compliments of the Farm at Red Hill.  Delicious!  The loose leaf lettuce is definitely at prime salad making/eating size.  Come to the workday tomorrow to take some home!


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