Asparagus, Berries, and More – oh my!

After the abundant sunshine last week and rain showers yesterday, the garden is really growing!

Thursday afternoon the Community Food Leadership class (a graduate level urban and environmental planning class taught by Professor Tim Beatley) visited the garden and planted asparagus.  We dug 12″ ditches, put horse manure in the bottom of each, and then placed one year old asparagus crowns about 12″ apart in each ditch.  The asparagus is “Jersey Supreme” ordered from Johnny’s Selected Seed.  Asparagus is a perennial so the crowns (root stock) will grow for a full year before their first light harvest in spring 2011.  (see pictures below of the planting process)

We also had a great workday on Friday afternoon (thank you to the wonderful volunteers who made it out!).  Wynnie and I made a trip to Edible Landscaping in the morning and picked up a Wineberry and an Invicta Gooseberry bush to plant in the garden in the bed with the existing blackberry bush.  Much like the asparagus, the perennial berry bushes will take a year to establish good roots and growth before producing a significant crop of berries (next year is going to be a great year for harvesting!).

At the workday we also transplanting cabbage, broccoli, and romaine lettuce; planted red and yellow onions; direct seeded kohlrabi; and spread compost on some more of the beds.

Special thanks to Jen O’Brien and Chelsea Dewitt for the beautiful pictures from these two events!


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