Snow reading……

Spring will come…..eventually.  In the meantime, with snow on the ground, now is a great time to get caught up on some reading and research.  In between textbook chapters and articles, be sure take a little time to squeeze in some seed catalogs and garden books!  See the previous post for suggestions of some good seed company websites and let us know what you would like to see growing in the garden this spring.

Blogging has also clearly become a popular venue for sharing information (and opinions).  If you are interested in learning more about local food systems, below are a few blogs I especially enjoy that have some good information about various facets of a food system.  I’m curious to hear what you’re reading as well – please share!

The Local Food Hub – blog for the local non-profit food distribution organization started in 2009 to help connect local farms with retailers – lots of interesting links on the blog with national and local food news

UVa Green Dining – keep up with UVa dining with posts from Kendall Singleton, sustainable dining coordinator

Yale Sustainable Food Project Blog and Yale Sustainable Food Project Website – a great example of another University garden – blog is updated regularly by students – website has lots of information and ideas

Real Food Challenge – “uniting students for just and sustainable food”

Civil Eats – loads of current news and information, updated everyday – over 40 different contributors on a variety of food related topics

The Green Fork – hosted by Eat Well Guide, updated regularly with lots of interesting food related news – sustainable food section – focuses primarily on food related policy

Chef Ann Cooper Blog – all about public school lunch from “the renegade lunch lady”



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