Garden Planning Meeting

Welcome back students, faculty, staff, and anyone else who traveled away from Charlottesville for the holidays!  The garden leadership team had our first planning meeting of the new semester yesterday to get ready for a great season!

The first event of the new semester will be an open garden planning meeting to gather ideas from all of our wonderful volunteers and develop a plan for spring plantings.  The planning meeting will be Friday, January 29th at 3pm in Newcomb Hall room 389.

Like so many other anxious gardeners, I always enjoy looking through seed catalogs this time of year.  If you don’t receive any in the mail, no worries, you can peruse the information online (and save paper at the same time!).  A few worth checking out:

  • Southern Exposure Seed Exchange –
    • SESE is a Virginia based seed company with many great heirloom and organic varieties.  I especially enjoy the beautiful illustrations in their catalog and history about each vegetable.
  • Johnny’s Selected Seeds –
    • Based in Maine, many organic and heirloom varieties.  A favorite among market growers.
  • Seed Savers Exchange –
    • Based in Iowa with growers across the country – all heirloom varieties.  Gorgeous color photographs.

While you’re looking through, jot down any vegetables varieties you’d like to see grown in the UVa Community Garden and come share them on Jan. 29th.  We’ll be looking for great ideas – hope to see you then!


2 thoughts on “Garden Planning Meeting

  1. This is great! I am so looking at the same thing…touching my seeds….which ones to start first…there was one other online source of glorious variety at Baker Creek Seeds:

    and enjoy the one’s you have listed so far.

    i recently posted on the Planet Earth Diversified’s page at Facebook some simple instructions on pushing out a sunny window to make a microgreenhouse..and since the sun has turned around, the tomatoes are doing fantastic in the greenhouse right now…so heck! don’t be afraid to try growin a few early to say hello…

    that same concept of recycling window panes can be applied to hardening off boxes that are keep up close, on a sunny wall outside (turn the recipe sideways, then down to the ground)

    really appreciate you today! thank you for your involvement in our local food community…


  2. Wow…January. That was so long ago! Now you have your own beautiful tomato plants! congrats on your new babies and thank you always for keepin us posted…happy springing into Summer!

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