End of the summer season

As the summer growing season comes to a close and we move into fall, it is time to begin reviewing our summer growing season.  One of the many joys of gardening is learning through experimenting and sharing knowledge.  We look forward to continuing to learn and grow!

After patiently waiting for the sweet corn to ripen in the garden, we finally shucked a few ears last week to see how it had grown. There were white and golden kernels on each ear (that I’m told were quite delicious!), but the cobs never fully developed.  The stalks were also less than robust at the end of the season.

Corn can be a challenging crop to grow in small areas, and the stalks planted this year likely did not have enough space in their bed. The partial shade and shallow depth of the soil also likely contributed to the stunted growth of this crop that enjoys abundant sun and rich, deep soil for root development.  These are all good lessons to know, though, and definitely part of the experimental and learning process.  Next  year we will try a new location for the corn and test our luck again!

Some other end of the season crops  include eggplants, lettuce, and melons (see pictures below).  We are unsure what type of melons are actually growing and anxiously anticipate their harvest and tasting to determine what varieties we have.  


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