Hope Community Center Garden

I met some of the people that have been doing wonderful things at the Hope Community Center at the Meet Your Neighbors Green Event a few Saturdays ago.  I was able to go and look at their garden to see what they have.  They definitely need some of our volunteer force to keep this going after Alia, the garden founder, returns to school in the fall.  Below are pictures, description of the garden project and contact information to get involved.

Come grow hope!

The Hope Community Center has recently created an organic community garden and would love your help! Serving as a day haven for the homeless, an advocate for refugees, and a resource for children, the Hope Community Center offers a wide-range of activities, classes, resources, and facilities to lend a helping hand to people who are in hard-pressed areas and situations in our community.

The community garden at Hope serves as an opportunity for individuals from a diversity of backgrounds to come together to plant both literal and metaphorical seeds for a healthier, brighter, more hopeful future and community. The produce that the garden produces has already started to be incorporated into the hot meal that is served each morning to homeless individuals in the area. As the project grows and expands, more individuals in need will be able to take advantage of the organic vegetables and fruit that almost none of them would otherwise be able to be nourished by.

Even though the community garden at Hope was only created over the summer, it has already been met with a great deal of success. But for it to continue to thrive and reach a level of sustainability we need help and support from community members and students just like you! Please come be a part of the exciting, inspiring work that is being done at Hope. We are looking for help with weekly weeding and general upkeep, as well as help and support with other larger projects such as putting in fall crops, beginning a composting project, installing cold frames, and many other possible ideas for the future. Getting involved with this project can take on any level of commitment that fits your schedule and it allows you to work alongside individuals who will likely have very different backgrounds and experiences than your own. Volunteering at the garden will also allow you to become involved with the larger Charlottesville community and better understand some of the most pressing issues in the community and what is being done to address them. Please come grow hope with us!

If interested, please contact Garrett Trent at Garrett@hopecommunitycenter.org.



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