Donations from the Garden

For the past two Saturdays, the garden has been donated the produce grown to the Charlottesville Community Food Project.  Below is a summary of the project from their blog (

The Charlottesville Community Food Project began with a couple observations: Charlottesville’s Emergency Food Bank is great. Also, it doesn’t have the capability to provide fresh produce. Then came the thought: Given all the diet related health issues (and all the economic issues raised by those health issues) and given the tastiness and pleasures of fresh food, wouldn’t it be great if everyone who wanted to feed themselves and their families fresh vegetables were able to? And finally: What if there were a way to support local agriculture (and all its benefits) at the same time?

The CCFP is a 501c3 non-profit organization made up of volunteers dedicated to putting fresh, local food within reach of all the members of our community. We hope to support not only the well being of the recipients of the food, but also the health of our local food system, and thereby the health of our environment, culture and community.

Since the beginning of June, 2008, the CCFP has been connecting low-income families with fresh, local produce. We have plugged into the CSA system so that after we take calls (during our call-in period on Wednesdays and Saturdays) from our community members in need, they can simply pick up a share of produce later that day, like any CSA share-holder.

These community shares are made possible through monetary donations and donations of CSA pick-ups (usually for a week or two, when the CSA shareholder is out of town, or is otherwise not going to be using their share.)

We distributed over 180 shares (each a week’s worth of vegetables,) during 2008 growing season. In between growing seasons, CCFP works to host events and raise funds for the next year. We also hope in the future to be able to provide some form of late Fall and Winter produce to our community.

We think this is a great way to further connect the UVa Community Garden to the community.  We have been able to donate squashes, kale, herbs, cabbages, beans and a whole lot of swiss chard.  Below are pictures of the harvests and volunteers picking some of the produce.


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