Field Trip!

Three of us went on a field trip on June 22nd to Edible Landscaping, which is a landscaping nursery that only sells plants that produce edible fruits and flowers in Afton, VA.  It was such a great adventure and we embarked upon a tasting tour that introduced us to many new varieties of fruit that we had never heard of, let alone taste.

After much deliberation, we chose to get Trifblue Blueberry, Jostaberry (cousin to the Gooseberry) and Nana Drawf Pomegranate bushes.  They are currently planted in the garden on either side of the herb boxes.  The blueberry and jostaberries should be in fruit by next spring and the pomegrante should be in the fall.

I encourage everyone to try to make a trip to this nursery as it is an adventure that is close by and sure to impress.  Below are some pictures of our adventure, stuffing the plants into a Jetta and a close up of a few year old pomegrante bush.


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