Tale of Two Potatoes

During the community ground breaking ceremony, there were alot of gardeners coupled with alot of activity.  Throughout this activity, no one noticed that the potatoes that were being planted were being placed directly into the ground without building mounds.  A few weeks later, while I was helping with the watering and the weeding, I decided that we should try to transplant these and build mounds around the seedlings.  There was a group discussion of whether or not transplanting the potatoes would damage the plants, and whether or not it was worth it to transplant them using mounds.

Since this garden is used for educational purposes, I decided that we should transplant half of them into mounds and leave the other half.  This way we could monitor the progress of each and take notes for future growing seasons.  The results have been very surprising with the mounded potatoes growing much more quickly and healthier than the unmounded potatoes.  Below are pictures documented this growth.  We will later follow up with more pictures of our potato harvest.


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