Trip to Red Hill

After planning a farmer’s market on Grounds at UVA and becoming friendly with a lot of the farmer’s in the area, Connie decided to contact a couple of them to ask where they go their seeds and seedlings. We received some very helpful responses, but none more generous than that of Wendy and Richard Harrison at the farm at Red Hill. Wendy invited us down to their 5-acre farm in North Garden, VA (about 15 minutes south on 29) to start our seeds in their propogation house. Not only did they allow us to use their flats and propogation house, but they donated tons of seeds (lots of asian greens and lettuce mixes) and starter tomato plants in coconut husk containers. As if that wasn’t enough, they told us to just leave the flats for a couple weeks and they would water and watch them for us. We could not believe how generous they were! We returned right after spring break to a sea of green sprouts of all shapes and sizes. Packing them into the trunk of Ethan’s car, we headed home to put them in a safe place for awhile. This safe place happened to be our apartment porches for a week or two–but the stayed alive and made it all the way into the ground on Groundbreaking Day! A very special thank you to Richard and Wendy for their unimaginable support and generosity–we could not have done this without you!


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